E – Day 70

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Well that was unexpected coincidence. I haven’t counted, for sure. Well, I am counting, but only the days left, not the days passed (a bit pessimistic point of view, isn’t it?)
In place of studying for tomorrows exam (4 will be down and 3 to go) I was just sitting there with nothing to do and thinking – well, I did promise to write more frequently. Well, it’s way better than jumping 40 days ahead, isn’t it? 😀

Autumn. A wonderful way of summer’s goodbye and welcoming winter that I’m waiting for so much – it’s strange how strongly I miss the winter this year. Maybe because there was no “normal-around-minus-20“ winter last year? Might be the case.
Yes, I do wonder, why I hadn’t born in the Syberia or northern Finland. Keep asking my former myself every night.

Back to the topic. My Erasmus ! Yeah, I’m still not crazy about it, but when it comes closer to the end, you find things you will be definitely missing.

What I forgot to tell is our ladies-only trip to Kullaberg – photos you can see, but not the story.
How can one stay still in the foreign country? One cannot. This is how simply it goes. Unless one has deadly exams or something, but this wasn’t the case.
So one Sunday our ladies-only company decided to go on a trip to Kullaberg naturreservat, to look around, to take a glance on illegal art sculpture called Nimis and just to have a day trip to the coast of Northern sea. And it was completely awesome !
Of course, Swedish weather was still Swedish, especially when it was heavy raining for 5 minutes and suddenly stopped to give a 16 degrees heat and then again starting to rain. Swedish nature is beautiful. Repetitive, but beautiful and unique. Of course, girls won’t be girls if we hadn’t decided to walk on a coast instead of taking tourist route. Funny thing – there are no sandy coasts we are used to. There are stones and rocks, rocks everywhere, slippery and nasty ones, with sharp edges and suddenly turning into rocky mounts and huge pieces of rock that one could not climb up without equipment. And we were with sneakers, jeans, cameras and backpacks. Did we took our phones? No, why would we, it’s just an hour walk. So after walking the rocky coast we found our selves not capable to walk any more without taking high risk so we decided not to get back to the route we took to come there, but to climb up the hill and get back to rout somewhere in between. It was hell of the fun, I can say that for sure. Especially when I was already lost in the mountains this summer (you can read all about it here ) and I already knew that we won’t get dry out of this. But it was still fun. After and hour or more walking around in misty foggy Swedish forests and trying not to get on shore again, we managed to find the right route and started to look for Nimis – wonderful yet illegal piece of artwork that was first built in 1982 by artists Lars Vilks. That object should have been amazing at it’s greatest years, unfortunately, because the building is illegal and administration of reservatum cannot really fund its repair, it was not completely, but ruined after the storms of this summer. I hope we weren’t the last ones to see and feel the breathtaking experience of Nimis (I don’t want to spoil anything, so feel free to use Google to completely understand about what I am talking about)

And then the October came and took me with him without asking and look it’s almost over now. Maybe because I was waiting for it so much?
Yes, You got it right, I was waiting for October because a single reason – I had a visitor. I could forget all the troubles, sorrows, home-sickness and Swedish language around me for the whole weekend and it was awesome. For me. I don’t know about him, but I hope it was the same 😀
Yeah, I was a bit selfish, eventough it was his birthday, but he came to visit me. And I was extremely happy, even if it felt like only few weeks, but when you get to see your beloved, then the reality hits you and hits you even harder when he’s gone. And I can’t still get myself together after that. So yeah, was it really a good idea to come for a visit? I don’t know. It felt great. But it gets even harder after that.

Ok, that was a bit depressive part, now what was going on next.

I was spending my weekends in the sport hall, writing statistics, having fun and taking best out of the possibilities. A bit calmer month, I could say. Because now the studies hit you and I perfectly know that it is going to get worse, because I took one more additional course (now I’m waaaaaay ahead of my must-to-gather credits count) and on the one hand I’m really excited about that, but on the other – well, goodbye my social life. If I ever had one 😀

During this month I understood, that with all that relaxation and calmness Swedes have, there is some kind of warm and lightness coming out of them also. Maybe it’s just people who surround me. But it is how it works – I haven’t met a single person here who refused to help me or couldn’t do anything.

For example today. The most random and the best moment I had in Sweden so far.
Today was a very beautiful, sunny day, like my landlord said – go outside because you won’t see weather this good for a month at least – so I took my camera and went around the city for few hours.
And here I am, lying on a pavement for an amazing shot (because nobody cleans the streets from fallen leaves on weekends), doing my best. And as I stood up, this older man rushes towards me on his bike and says : You know, you could take even more amazing shot if you’re camera was in the shadow because now, I think, the sun was beaming directly to the camera… And he was just spilling out those advices and I was standing there speachless and somekind of happy, I just managed to tell him: Yeah, thanks, everything’s fine, the sun was from the right so no direct sunlight… And he just smiled widely, shouted : Oh, that’s great then, great, amazing ! Jumped back on his bike and cycled away. And I was just standing there without any understanding what just happened. But my smile was so big that probably passers by could take me for a crazy. It was such a random act of kindness or mentorship or I don’t know what. It was just so heartwarming that I cannot even express my feelings about it correctly. You won’t ever get this feeling back at home. Even at the trips and travels I had, I had never had an experience as this. I just couldn’t believe that some random person could possibly come to you and give you random advice for making the best out of your shot. It just so simply amazing that I still cannot believe it happened.
And it’s crazy !
Now I can really say that Sweden is crazy !
(I’m still not in love with this country, but it has its perks)

I cannot remember anything else fun or worth to mention at the moment. I am sure that I will be busy studying as hell, but I will try to write anything fun. Few big trips ahead of me !

I will upload the photos soon – stay tuned !


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